Connect all your sites securely and

Cost-effective, secure, and effortless LAN-to-LAN connections

  • Smart Talk
  • Make international calls from your home phone at low rates

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  • Smart office
  • Delivers affordable and incredibly advanced business phone, SMS,
    and video services
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  • Smart Net
  • A different kind of Internet offers unlimited data, instant downloads, HD audio quality phone calls, and more
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Smart Ethernet

Mithril’s award-winning Ethernet family of services is the answer for many small and medium-sized businesses. We can link your local area networks in a way that minimizes cost and maximizes performance. Our business grade Ethernet services are fast to deploy, cost-effective, and easy to manage. We also guarantee performance and bandwidth so all your sites can work together and exchange information effectively and securely. We are flexible too, so your business can become more responsive to new challenges and opportunities. Upgrades can be made quickly and extra bandwidth is available easily. It’s also easy to add more sites locally, nationally, or to link with other internationally.

  • Get the greatest choice
    Select best-in-class Ethernet services from a communications company with the most extensive Ethernet coverage and expertise.
  • Connect your LANs
    Ensure all your locations can exchange data easily, securely, and reliably with bandwidth and performance guaranteed.
  • Adopt a more cost-effective and flexible approach
    Use Ethernet rather than leased lines or MPLS private networks.
  • Reduce complexity and cost
    Build on your existing Ethernet technology and pay less for bandwidth.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility and performance
    Increase bandwidth and add extra sites easily whenever your business demands.
  • Simplify management
    Rely on one partner and a single SLA with proactive management, performance monitoring,and other self-service tools.
  • Prepare for tomorrow
    Follow a forward looking Ethernet network strategy compatible with cloud-based services.

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