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Mithril offers Solutions Providers, IT consultants, Resellers, Systems Integrators, and Agents an outstanding opportunity to take advantage of the growing demand for on-site and cloud-based business communication services. Now you can differentiate your company and gain a competitive edge by offering advanced Voice, Video, Fax, Conferencing, and International Call Service business solutions all from a single service provider. Mithril partner programs are carefully designed to generously compensate you for your expertise. Mithril offers two ways to participate in our partner program:

Channel Sales Partner Program

Mithril is recruiting established Solution Providers, VARs, System Integrators, PBX Vendors, and Telecom Master Agents with a proven track record for our Channel Sales Partner Program. Grow your customer base, build new revenue streams, and increase gross profits by adding Mithril's comprehensive unified business communications and International to your portfolio. Mithril compensation includes both upfront and residual payments. If your company is ready to make money by leveraging the power of the business communications services, please call +91-40-41418300 for more information or complete the 'Mithril Channel Sales Partner Program Application' today!

Referral Program

The 'Mithril Business Referral Program' rewards registered partners and customers for submitting business referrals that become customers of Mithril. We can say with confidence that our referral program pays the best rewards in the industry. Call +91-40-41418300 or Click here to enroll in our 'Referral Program'.

Program Comparison
Channel Sales Partner Program (CSPP) Referral Partner Program (RPP)
Partner Type Solutions Providers, VARs and Master Agents with a proven track record Agents, IT Consultants, Customers, and advocates who want competitive commissions and the benefits as an additional income
Requirements Monthly business and revenue requirements No revenue commitment
Compensation Upfront incentives on qualifying services and on-going residuals Upfront incentives for each qualifying service ordered