Save up to 80% on international calls with no contract and subscription fees

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Mobile Talk

Mithril MobileTalk lets SmartPhone users reduce their international calling rates by as much as 80% -- easily. No more special PIN codes to keep track of. No more long access numbers to dial. It’s not a calling card or calling plan; it’s a mobile phone application that makes international calling from your SmartPhone much less expensive.

With Mithril MobileTalk, you'll never run out of minutes or leave your international call quality up to chance. And, you can view your call history from anywhere in the world. It’s easy. It’s smart.

  • No Monthly Fee – Only pay the Mithril’s low per minute international calling rates
  • No calling card or pin codes – You don’t need a pre-paid calling card or pin code to use the service.
  • High quality, digital calls – With Mithril, your calls are made across our high-quality telephone network. You won’t sacrifice quality or reliability.

Click here to Sign-up or Login to MobileTalk Account

Getting Started

  • 1. Call us at +91-40-41418300 or Click here to sign-up for the Mithril SmartTalk service.
  • 2. Buy call credit online to recharge your account for International Calls.
  • 3. Download Mithril's SmartTalk SoftPhone Application for Mobile from the company web site.

How it Works

  • 1. When you make a call from Mithril SoftPhone on your mobile, call gets connected to the Mithril Voice Network using your Wi-Fi network or 2G/3G mobile service.
  • 2. Mithril Voice Network then calls the dialed International destination number and connects you to the called party.
  • 3. When call is completed, the costs of the international call is debited from your SmartTalk account.

What you Need

  • 1. An active SmartTalk Service account.
  • 2. A mobile phone with Wi-Fi network or 2G/3G data service.
  • 3. Mithril SmartTalk SoftPhone application for your mobile (we support iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia mobiles).